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Our strategy

At HÖGNER, we're well aware that the basis for long-term business success is a very satisfied customer. We work hard every day to fulfill our main goal; to make our customers our partners at the same time, so that they can actively help us to improve on our products and services. This is why from the beginning, we took the path of "Integrated Direct Marketing", which was still relatively little known in Europe in 2006. This has allowed us to remain in much more lively and closer contact with our customers than any other business relationship would have.

Our strategy of how we select goods is also based on customer satisfaction. Our magic formula isn't in the quantity of products that we offer, but in their excellence and highest possible useful value. We choose only the kinds of products that we would personally and proudly recommend to relatives or friends and that we use ourselves every day. Our choice to interact with our customers personally, something that giant aggregated e-shops can't offer, has long been proven and customers are happy to shop with us.

Our daily effort have resulted in the fact that all the products that we've brought to the market have quickly become bestsellers in their category. They hold his position for a long time and rank top level in customer satisfaction surveys. This is also our best motivation to know our products down to the smallest detail and to continually improve them in collaboration with our customers.

Our vision

Using the most advanced database technology and thanks to a detailed analysis of consumer surveys, active communication with end customers, and also thanks to daily monitoring of our call center, we are continuously improving and modifying not only our trade, distribution, and service process, but also the products themselves. We're not simply merchants. We participate in the development of our products, we know them down to the smallest components, and our close relationships with our producers allows us to translate customer requirements directly into our products. And we intend to continue to do this in the future.

We supply our products directly to end customers, but we have partially expanded our distribution as e-shops and pharmacy and electrical wholesalers as well. We carefully select our partners, so direct distribution is still our main form of business. We don't want to give up valuable feedback from customers, and when technical support, a warranty claim, or product repair is necessary, we still want to remain the most accessible partner.

Important Milestones Of Our Company